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Plan for the future

As life expectancy increases, so does the need for responsible financial planning. Whether you’re looking to make a lump sum investment or save for retirement on a regular basis, IFP offers bespoke investment solutions, giving you the flexibility to create a portfolio that matches your goals as well as your budget.

Make your money work harder

Through an exclusive stable of premium savings products - from some of the world’s largest investment companies - IFP gives you the opportunity to make the most of your income. From multi-currency, multi-fund savings plans to internationally mobile structures, IFP can help formulate a disciplined approach to your finances and guide you to greater financial freedom.

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With retirement programmes starting at $300 through to retirement structures for high net worth individuals, IFP makes saving easy. Experts in wealth management and retirement planning, IFP offers friendly, helpful advice every step of the way. From nest egg savings to offshore retirement strategies, IFP will get you there.

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Build a Nest Egg

Get expert advice

Whatever your financial goals - whether building a family legacy or saving for your first house – IFP can help. An independent financial planning company, IFP offers unparalleled market knowledge and industry insight. Specialists in offshore retirement planning, regular savings and lump sum investments, IFP can help you plan for a better financial future.

Watch your money grow

Good financial advice can make big differences to your future. So can having access to the best investment products available. At IFP, we not only offer prudent, objective advice on the right investments for you, we review the world’s leading banks and investment providers to bring you the most superior products on the market at the best rates possible.

Enjoy your wealth

You’ve worked hard, it’s time to enjoy it. From your first steps through to a comfortable retirement, our customised savings plans give you the confidence and financial freedom to have the lifestyle you want. Committed to helping you achieve your goals, we offer a no-obligation review to help identify just how much should be set aside for a sustainable lifetime cash flow.

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Save for Education

Start today

A good education is essential to your child’s future. Give them the best start in life by saving now for the years to come. Starting a savings plan is easy and IFP can help you every step of the way. From primary school to university and beyond, we can help you put money aside for when it’s needed the most.

Get the help you need

Investing in your child’s education is the best gift you can give them but tuition can be costly. To help you prepare for the future, IFP offers a range of products that can help grow your savings and keep you on track. From regular investor reports to frequent client reviews, we make sure your investments are optimised and your money is working hard for you.

Better returns

IFP savings plans are flexible, accessible and customisable. Through a wide range of investment options from some of the world’s most respected investment companies, IFP offers comprehensive advice on the best strategy and products suited to you. Contact IFP today for a no-obligation consultation.

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Review My Portfolio

Portfolio Review

At IFP we can review your existing investments and offer an impartial opinion on whether you are in the right assets and sectors, and whether you are on track with your financial planning needs and goals. Whether you remain here in Cayman or move elsewhere, our portable investment products offer you accessibility, flexibility and global peace of mind.

Ask the experts

Specialists in offshore investment planning, we bring you unprecedented industry insight and marketplace experience. We have direct access to the latest products from the world’s leading investment providers and can tailor a solution to best suit your needs.

Make the move

Whether you’re looking for multi-manager investments or prefer a single fund strategy, we offer helpful, expert advice and can create a custom investment structure. Regular review and monitoring of your portfolio ensures you stay on track with your investment goals.

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Move My Pension

What is a QROPS?

A Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) allows you to move an existing UK non-state pension to a plan administered outside of the UK. This brings significant investor benefits including enhanced flexibility and accessibility, tax-free growth and a wider choice of investment opportunities.

Am I eligible?

Any UK expat citizen between the ages of 18 and 75 may apply for a QROPS pension transfer. The transfer is 100% tax-free and you’ll have greater flexibility and access no matter where you move in the world. With a QROPS you can make contributions and receive income in any currency.

How can IFP help?

Planning for retirement is an important investment decision. Trusted experts in retirement planning and wealth management, IFP has excellent relationships with some of the leading providers of QROPS and we will happily guide you through the process.

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Invest Wisely

Your money, your future

We understand you want the most out of your savings. This is why we strive to bring you the best investment options available. From mutual funds to hedge funds and internationally mobile structures, we offer products from some of the most sophisticated investment houses in the world.

Advice when you need it

At IFP we provide a complete review of your circumstances, outline future goals and develop a savings strategy to match, or advise on lump sum investing. Whatever your investment ambitions are, IFP can help.

Start today

Investing through IFP is simple. We identify your needs and create a strategy to match. Dedicated to providing the best service possible, we offer bespoke, personal advice on a wide range of investment structures. From mutual funds, to savings plans, hedge funds and structured products, IFP has options for all manner of investors.

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